How can we extend the life of vertical rubber injection machine?

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Mar 18,2022

How can we extend the life of vertical rubber injection machine?


The vertical rubber injection machine works in the environment of high temperature, high pressure, high mechanical torque and multi friction for a long time. The vertical rubber injection machine can increase the service life from the screw. The first few factors are required by the process conditions, and the loss caused by friction is inevitable. Generally, the surface of the screw is nitrided to improve the surface hardness, that is, to improve the wear resistance. However, if the cause of wear is ignored and the wear is not reduced as much as possible, the working life of the machine will be greatly reduced.

The reasons for the wear of the vertical rubber injection machine and the methods to reduce the wear are explained below:

We can start from the temperature: each plastic has an ideal plasticizing processing temperature range, the processing temperature of the barrel to control close to this temperature range. When the granulated plastics enter the barrel from the hopper, they will first reach the feed section where dry friction occurs. When these plastics are not heated enough and melt unevenly, it is easy to cause wear on the inner wall of the barrel and the surface of the screw.

Similarly, in the compression section and the homogenization section, if the molten state of the plastic is disordered and uneven, the wear will also increase.

Starting point: the speed should be adjusted appropriately. Because some plastics have reinforcements, such as glass fibers, minerals or other fillers. The friction force of these substances on metal materials is often much greater than that of molten plastic.

When these plastics are injected at high rotational speeds, the shear forces on the plastics will increase and, at the same time, the reinforcement will correspondingly produce more shredded fibers. The chopped fibers contain sharp points, which greatly increase the abrasion force. When inorganic minerals slide at high speed on the metal surface, their scraping effect is not small. So don't adjust the speed too high.

Check the plastic for debris. The original new plastic is no debris, but after transportation, weighing, drying, color, especially after adding recycled materials, may be mixed with debris.

Another example is that plastic materials are mixed with iron filings: small metal filings, large heating ring nut paper clips, and even metal metals have been mixed into the barrel. The damage to the screw is self-evident (of course, the barrel will also be damaged at the same time), so a magnet frame can be installed to strictly manage and monitor the feeding.

The moisture contained in the plastic has a certain effect on the wear of the screw surface. If the moisture in the plastic is not completely removed before injection molding, when the residual moisture enters the compression section of the vertical rubber injection machine screw, it will form high-temperature and high-pressure "steam particles", which are pre-melted and mixed in the molten plastic In. With the advancement of the screw in the injection process, these "steam particles" will expand from the homogeneous section to the screw head during the injection process, just like the tiny hard particles of impurities, causing friction damage to the wall.

In addition, for some types of plastics, under high temperature and high pressure, water may become a catalyst, promote plastic cracking, produce harmful impurities, and corrode metal surfaces. Therefore, the drying work before plastic injection molding is not only directly related to the quality of the parts, but also affects the working life of the vertical rubber injection machine. Therefore, in order to increase the working life of the vertical rubber injection machine, it is necessary to reduce the wear of the screw and do a good job of prevention.

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