What are the applications of vertical rubber injection machines and how to maintain them?

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Apr 02,2022

What are the applications of vertical rubber injection machines and how to maintain them?


The application of vertical rubber injection machine in multi-color injection molding, the combination of vertical machine and horizontal machine forms a multi-station two-color or multi-color molding process.

Turtle two-color machine, also known as core rotary injection, means that there is a retractable and rotatable shaft in the center of the lower mold to rotate the mold core 180 degrees, and then enter cavity 1 and cavity 2 in turn to form two-color plastic parts. Mainly used for: a, the product has inlay, one end of injection molding, the other end can be clamped (such as screwdriver, scissors and other handle injection molding); B, cylinder and deep hole products (such as car handle, thermometer shell, etc.). After the mold can be firmly positioned on the mold core.

Multi-station turntable machine, the equipment has two sets of injection systems, the lower mold rotates at a certain angle, such as 180 degrees, 120 degrees, etc. The process of labeling can be automated in the mold. Different from ordinary two-color machines, this equipment can not only be used for two-color injection molding, but also can be used as two standard historical injection molding machines or standard historical double-station turntable machines, which greatly expands the multi-purpose functions of one machine.

Vertical rubber injection machines are also used for liquid silicone molding applications. The process characteristics of liquid silicone molding require the mixing of two components. At present, liquid silicone molding in the industry is mostly vertical machines, and the pipeline of the injection part is more conducive to the use of the upper space and can adapt to the injection molding of LSR.

Liquid silicon products are widely used in medical, electronic and other fields because of their good performance. Liquid silicon has a wide range of hardness and can replace thermoplastic elastomers such as TPU and TPE, while producing a very good touch. At the same time, liquid silicon also meets many environmental requirements. Therefore, in recent years, liquid silicon materials have become a new hot choice in various industries and have gradually entered our daily lives.

As an indispensable branch in the field of plastic molding machines, vertical rubber injection machines have formed their unique production advantages, showing excellent performance in many specific environments, as well as in various fields such as automation and customization. The vertical injection molding machine has also played a new application advantage in more and more fields. It is believed that the vertical injection molding machine can bring more innovative applications to the manufacturing industry.

Vertical rubber injection machines can be seen everywhere in the production of all walks of life, and are mainly used for molding various plastics. This type of equipment can be divided into many types according to different production requirements, but in addition to operating strictly in accordance with the instructions, it is necessary to pay attention to daily maintenance to ensure the normal operation and normal service life of the equipment. The maintenance of vertical rubber injection machine is divided into the following four steps:

1. Prevention first. Vertical rubber injection machine is a very complex system equipment, which includes mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and other closely related systems. Therefore, it is necessary to separate the three parts for special maintenance during maintenance, so that each part performs its own duties to ensure the normal production.

Production efficiency: At present, injection molding machines can generally operate 24 hours a day. Generally speaking, reducing downtime can improve production efficiency while ensuring normal transportation speed. However, in the specific operation process, the equipment needs intermittent rest adjustment and good maintenance to maintain its fast operation.

3. Equipment accuracy: vertical rubber injection machine equipment needs timely maintenance, aging parts and accessories should be replaced in time. Only in this way can we ensure the accuracy of the equipment and produce qualified products.

4. The service life of the parts: All parts of the vertical rubber injection machine have a service life. Once the service life is exceeded, it should be repaired and replaced in time, otherwise, it may cause production or even the entire safety accident. In particular, the wearing parts should be properly adjusted and lubricated to extend the service life of the parts.

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