What is the production process of vertical rubber injection machine?

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May 06,2022

What is the production process of vertical rubber injection machine?


Injection molding refers to the plastic material through external heating and vertical injection molding machine barrel screw rotation of the shear heat generated by plasticizing the resin material into a melt, by applying a certain pressure, the melt is injected into a cavity with a certain shape, the product produced after cooling and shaping is injection molding.

Five elements of vertical rubber injection machine process:

1. Temperature

Oil temperature: For vertical rubber injection machines, it is the heat generated by the friction of the hydraulic oil due to the non-stop operation of the machine. It is controlled by cooling water. When starting the machine, make sure that the oil temperature is around 45. If the oil temperature is too high or too low, it will affect the pressure transmission.

Material temperature: that is, barrel temperature, which should be set according to the shape and function of materials and products, and those with documents should be set according to documents.

Mold temperature: This temperature is also an important parameter. Its level has a great influence on the performance of the product, so the function and structure of the product must be considered when setting, and the material and cycle must also be considered.

2. Speed

The speed setting of mold opening and closing of vertical rubber injection machine is generally based on the principle of slow-fast-slow, so the setting mainly considers the machine, mold and cycle.

Eject setting: can be set according to the structure of the product. If the structure is complex, easy to use slow ejection, and then use fast demoulding to shorten the cycle.

Firing rate: Set according to the size and structure of the product. If the structure is complex, the wall thickness can be fast; if the structure is simple, the wall thickness can be slower, or it can be set from slow to fast according to the performance of the material.

3. Pressure

Injection pressure: According to the size and wall thickness of the product, the vertical rubber injection machine is from low to high, and other factors should be considered when debugging.

Pressure holding: The pressure holding is mainly to ensure the shape and size of the product, and its setting should also be set according to the structure and shape of the product.

Low pressure protection pressure: This pressure is mainly to protect the mold and reduce the damage of the mold to a low level.

Clamping force: refers to the force required to clamp the mold to high pressure. Some machines can adjust the clamping force, while others cannot.

4. Time

Injection time: this time setting must be longer than the actual time, can also play the role of injection protection. The set value of injection time is about 0.2 seconds larger than the actual value, and the coordination with pressure, speed and temperature should be considered when setting.

Low voltage protection time: this time is in manual mode. First set the time to 2 seconds, then add about 0.02 seconds according to the actual time.

Cooling time: This time is generally set according to the size and thickness of the product, but the melting time should not be longer than the cooling time to make the product fully formed.

Pressure holding time: This time is the time to cool the gate after injection to ensure the product size before the melt returns under the holding pressure. It can be set according to the size of the gate.

5. Location

The mold opening and closing position can be set according to the corresponding mold opening and closing speed. The key is to set the starting position of low pressure protection, that is, the starting position of low pressure should be the point where it is possible to protect the mold without affecting the cycle, and the ending position should be the position where the mold contacts before and after the mold when the mold is slowly closed.

Ejection position: This position can meet the requirements of complete demoulding of the product. Set from small to large. When filling the mold, pay attention to setting the return position to "0", otherwise it is easy to damage the mold.

Melt position: Calculate the amount of material according to the product size and screw size, and then set the corresponding position.

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