Main use of vacuum hot press forming machine

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Oct 23,2020

           For the production of sealing rings, nitrile rubber and polyurethane materials, as well as silicone rubber, the mixing rubber of the flat vulcanizer can also be purchased if the mixing rubber is to be opened and mixed. The mold can be used directly for molding production. Is there any intermediate process needed. Flat vulcanizing machine is mainly used for vulcanizing flat belt (such as conveyor belt, transmission belt, referred to as flat belt), which belongs to hydraulic machinery. The main function of flat vulcanizing machine is to provide the pressure and temperature required for vulcanization. The pressure is generated by the hydraulic system through the hydraulic cylinder, and the temperature is provided by the heating medium (usually steam, heat transfer oil, etc., and superheated water is also useful). Conveyor belt flat vulcanizing machine is mainly used for vulcanizing flat tape, rubber plate, polymer and other flat products molding, it has the hot plate unit area pressure, equipment operation is reliable, less maintenance, etc.

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