Top-mounted conveyor belt double-layer vulcanization production line host

The host of the double-layer vulcanization production line of the upper conveyor belt is mainly used for the vulcanization repair of the conveyor belt and the vulcanization of the joint. By heating, the rubber at the joint is vulcanized, so as to achieve the purpose of firm, wear-resistant and durable joint.Application areas: mining, metallurgy, electric power, chemical industry, building materials, etc.

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Dalian Huahan Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. mainly produces: Dalian rubber machinery, flat vulcanizing machine, rubber injection molding machine, vertical rubber injection machine, conveyor belt vulcanizing machine. As a professional rubber plate vulcanizer manufacturer, our rubber plate vulcanizer price and rubber injection molding machine price are very competitive in the market. If you want to know which is good for flat vulcanizing machine, you may as well come to us and have a look. The company has a professional mechanical processing workshop and independent equipment assembly workshop, high standard three coordinate testing room. Team members have over 20 years of experience in the rubber equipment industry. Chinese and Korean people have always been to assist customers to produce professional rubber products for the mission. Our company has 500 employees, and the company has a special service department to provide pre-sales and after-sales services to customers at home and abroad. Welcome to our company (Dalian Zhuanghe City) to study and exchange. I look forward to the opportunity to serve your company.


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Rubber hot press molding machine (laboratory small tonnage)

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